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24" Powwow Drum with 2 Free Drumsticks
ALL POWWOW DRUMS ARE  CUSTOM ORDERS!  (I don't keep powwow drums in stock. Every drum I..
Little Sweat Lodge Drum
Mi new lil kid drums... its been tough selling against import items for kids... many powwow vendo..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum Medicine Wheel Hawk Feathers
14"  hand drum , elkhide and maplewood, painted with medicine wheel and red tail hawk feathe..
16" Elkhide Hand drum Hummingbird & flowers
16 inch elkhide hand drum free beater and bag, painted hummingbird in the center with red flowers..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum Hummingbird with Flowers
The hummingbird is a favorite bird of mine and has been one of my most popular drum designs. The ..
10" Elkhide Hand Drum Painted Kokopelli Flute Player and Colors.
This 10" drum honors Kokopelli the legendary Flute Player that  women loved so well. A symbo..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum
14" Elkhide Mark Barfoot Hand Drum, with Free Beater & Bag. Handmade of elkhide, maplewood, a..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum White Bear/BorderBlack
This polar bear is a favorite design.  This bear drum has a simple black border that adds th..
10" Elkhide Hand Drum Unpainted
10 Inch Elkhide Hand Drum Unpainted with a Free Beater. This is a great small drum to travel with..
16" Elkhide Hand Drum Thunderbird  Painting
"16" Elkhide  Hand Drum Thunderbird Painting with Free Beater and Free Bag ..