Drum Making Workshops

Drum Making  Workshops

Learn to Make your own Sweat Lodge, Hand  Drum, or powwow drum at a Weekend  Drum Making Workshop by Mark Barfoot. You can Sponsor or Host a Drum Making event at your business, home,  or other available location. This is a unique event where you will learn how to make your own elkhide hand drum or sweat lodge drum of elk hide or buffalo. For the price of admission to this weekend event, you will receive drum materials to make a hand or sweatlodge drum, plus beater, plus get a FREE weather resistant carrying bag with a large zipper pocket on the side that holds two 16" drums or larger, sweat lodge drum, .

Drum Workshops are customizable to fit needs of host, Mark, and participants.  It can be all hand drum workshop with flute concert Friday Night, it can be sweat lodge and hand drum, with concert Saturday Night, or sometimes a powwow drum is purchased, and the drum is made as a demonstration Friday Night, with a hand drum workshop for the remainder of the weekend. 

This great weekend learning event doesn't stop with just drums... Mark shares his knowledge of native lifeways with you. This is a traditional wolf clan teaching, orally passed down for hundreds of years from elders .It is a  true teaching that if followed, can give you a deeper understanding of  yourself  and also those who cross your path in this world. 

Call 931-242-6207 to discuss having a drum workshop in your location.  You can email Mark or admin, and please visit mi website Make a Drum.com for lots of information about my drum making workshops and to see happy workshop participants, and the beautiful drums you can make at a drum workshop with Mark.


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Athens-GA Drum Workshop Make a 14x8" Elk hide Sweat Lodge Drum, Beater, and get a Free Carry Bag
Sweat Lodge Drum Workshop Friday Night 5:00 pm.  Make a two sided Sweat Lodge Drum of El..