Drums Painted 14"

Drums Painted 14"

Take Advantage of my Christmas Special today!   If there's a pattern you don't see on this page, contact Mark at the following email:   turtleislandarts@yahoo.com      Buy a painted 14" Drum and get an unpainted 12" elkhide drum FREE !    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

14" Painted Drums come in a variety of patterns. 


Call me 931-242-6207 for an estimate of any design you would like painted on a drum. Custom drum prices depend on the amount of work involved and the design. There is additional cost added for custom painting on your drum. 

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14" Elkhide Hand Drum Bear & Colors
The Black Bear with Colors is a favorite drum. The Bear is a protector and healer, represents str..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum Medicine Wheel Hawk Feathers
14"  hand drum , elkhide and maplewood, painted with medicine wheel and red tail hawk feathe..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum Howling Wolf
Howling Wolf with Moon.  ..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum Hummingbird with Flowers
The hummingbird is a favorite bird of mine and has been one of my most popular drum designs. The ..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum Painted Petroglyphs
Petroglyphs... our ancestor's pictures in the rock.  Painted on a 14" elkhide drum. ..
!4" Hand Drum Painted Wolf in Winter
!4" Hand Drum Painted Wolf in Winter. Represented in cold blues and white, Wolf in Winter is wolf..
14" Elkhide Hand Drum White Bear/BorderBlack
This polar bear is a favorite design.  This bear drum has a simple black border that adds th..