Pow Wow Drums

Pow Wow Drums

Powwow Drums come with Two Free Drumsticks and a Matching Wooden Stand is available separately. 

Elkhide Pow Wow Drums are beautiful, have awesome resonance and a deep boom. These drums are award winning drums. I have more than 45 years  experience in making big drums, and custom build drums at your request.

We also offer custom painting on powwow drums at a reasonable cost. Call me at 9312426207 to discuss the powwow drum you need.

Depending on your problem, I also can do big drum repair. Call for more information and pricing: 931-242-6207 

If you would like a powwow drum in your home, the stand can be made so that a glass round can be used to protect the drum when  not in use. Call me to discuss your big drum needs. 

I offer 24" 28" 32" 34" and 36" sizes in powwow drums. Call for pricing. Unless another type of hide is requested, elkhide is used. Powwow drums  made of elkhide give the best deep sound and resonance.

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