Mark Barfoot makes excellent fine quality Drums. Hand drums are named Four Directions Elk Dreamer Drums, because of the elk hide medicine the drums carry, and the way the drums are laced and tightened, to honor the Grandfathers.

Mark makes  hand drums, powwow drums, sweat lodge drums, custom stage drums, and glass topped table drums. All drums are made of elk hide and maplewood, laced with one piece of sinew and wrapped with deerskin. The back of the drum is made in a traditional way to honor the four directions. The beaters are made of hardwood and wool. Mark's drums have a depth and resonance that is not always heard in all drums.

Drum making is a tradition passed from ancestors to those who keep it true and sacred. These drums are used for personal drums, in drum circles, by people in drum groups, on stage by many celebrities, singers, by medicine people and shamanic healers. The drum is a deep and sacred part of American Indian culture. The beat of the drum is in sync with the heartbeat of mother earth. It is the healing rhythm that we hear when singing, dancing, or respectfully walking through this world. The round form of the drum represents the circle of life and the entire universe.

Please remember that the craft art for sale in this cart is unique handmade art. All items may not always be in stock.Please allow time for the creativity flow. Your purchase will be hand crafted with care and shipped to you as soon as possible.  Welcome and thank you for shopping at mark barfoot's online store.

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