About Mark Barfoot

About Mark Barfoot

Mark Barfoot, Folk Artist, was born in 1952 in North America, the son of an Wolf Clan Onkwehonwe mother and a father who was Bird Clan from Big Cove community in North Carolina.
He learned the art of finger weaving at a very young age. Much of what he learned was self taught, but he studied with elders from various nations to learn other mediums of Indian folk art. Mark creates a wide variety of fine craft art. He is a master drum maker, creates hand made flutes, hand burned tuning, jewelry made with deerskin, semi-precious stones, and elk antler beads, plus some contemporary styled jewelry. 

Mark is also a sculptor. He creates primitive style knives from stone, flint knapped blades, and a hand carved moose, elk, or caribou handle. Mark carves wolves, bears, figures, buffalo, eagles, and many other animals for a decorative handle. 

The list of handmade crafts above are only a part of the life and learning of Mark Barfoot. As he travels the country selling his work, he shares his knowledge of the culture with those he meets.

Mark is also a musician. He gives flute performances, along with history and traditions of the flute, and has recorded  3 flute music CD's. Mark is available for flute performance at gatherings, shows, and private events. He also does drum demonstrations at colleges and other institutions of learning, and is conducting make a drum workshops throughout turtle island. 

Each of the crafts he makes has many steps and stages before the art is finished. Mark's patience, knowledge, and energy become a part of everything he creates. It is good. 

Mark offers a lifetime guarantee on his hand made work, no refunds are given.

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